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Informatie over de wandelingen

  • During a one and a half hour city-walk with a group of 4 to 6 people you discover a small part of Amsterdam in the company, and through the eyes, of visual artist Sjouke Schaafsma, who lives and works in Amsterdam and has done so for over 25 years. Since 2013 he has moved about the city mainly on foot and while walking he records in photos both what he has experienced in all these years and what he now sees during his walks. In his AmsterdamSeries you will get an impression of what he is interested in: through the titles of the folders in which he files his photos and through the photos available in the alternately ‘active’ maps on this site.

    More photo’s here.

Information about the walks

  • The start-point of your walk can be anywhere in Amsterdam. If you so wish, the start-point can be agreed in discussion with Sjouke, but you may also leave the choice entirely to him (in which case one must realize that really all of Amsterdam is of interest to him).

    Departure times: daily (except Wednesday-afternoon, Thursday and Friday) half past 9 in the morning and half past 2 in the afternoon. Deviation from these scheduled times is sometimes possible, circumstances permitting.

    Prices: individuals or groups up to four  € 20,- per person, groups of five or six  € 15,- per person. 
    Booking and supplementary information about all possibilities through the Contact-page. 

    Please note: during the walks you will often be looking upwards, which means that a really heavy downpour of rain would mean a cancellation of the walk (with a full refund of the prepaid fees) or that a walk may have to be cut short (with a part or full refund in mutual agreement). Any other weather condition including an occasional drop of rain will not be considered an obstacle.